About Us

About Us


Located midway between the old town and kilometers of pristine beaches, Hoi An Lemongrass is set amongst the rice paddy fields of a rural village. From the comfort of your balcony you can observe the daily activities of the local villagers. Although only a short distance from the old town (2 km), the rural outlook and serenity of the hotels location is the perfect tonic to the hustle and bustle of the old town. Go for a ride on our complimentary bicycles, on the kilometers of bike tracks that run through the rice fields located outside Lemongrass’ front door.
Staying at Lemongrass homestay allows you to be more connected to nature and the local community. As the seasons change so does the view from the hotel. The rice fields maybe in full bloom of vivid green or the local ladies wearing the conical hats are hard at work harvesting the rice. Awake to birds singing in the trees and the ducks quacking as they search for snails in the rice fields. Watch the locals as they lead the buffalo to the fields, and school children ride their bicycles to school.


Your hosts at Lemongrass Homestay are residents of the surrounding village and are a wealth of local knowledge. Meeting guests and sharing their knowledge and skills, which range from the masculine - farming the fields to the feminine - cooking, is a pleasure for them.

The masculine and feminine, gender roles, still are common in some aspects of Vietnamese society, particularly in a rural environment. We encourage our guests to enquire, to seek knowledge, as this is what we at Lemongrass believe is the homestay experience – to leave us with a greater understanding of Vietnamese society and culture.


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