Lemongrass Homestay is on the edge of hectares of rice fields. Crisscrossing these fields are kilometers of bike tracks that wind through the fields and connect small villages. From Lemongrass its approximately 1 km to An My village. This is a beautiful small village with a lot of the houses still retaining larger blocks of land for growing flowers, herbs, peanuts and various other seasonal produce. An My village is bordered on 2 sides by rice fields and another side by the Co Co river.

From here a few hundred meters will bring you to the shrimp farms and duck breeder. Then a further couple of hundred meters you will arrive at Tra Que village, one of Hoi An’s main countryside attractions, a hands on market garden village. From here it’s a short ride and you will arrive at An Bang beach.

Alternatively, at the shrimp farms turn right on the track and you will head towards Cua Dai beach. Along the way you may run into Mr Xe, Hoi An’s favourite water buffalo who is well trained in taking people for rides in his back.


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